ACHTEL 9x7 Digital Cinema Camera

9x7 Digital Cinema Camera

9x7 Large Format Digital Cinema Camera for Giant Screen and IMAX Film Production

9x7 Digital Cinema Camera is designed specifically for VFX, VR, Giant Screen and IMAX® Cinema productions. It features native 4:3 aspect ratio, 65 Megapixel resolution sensor and records uncompressed RAW footage up to 10GB/s - approximately 30 times more than other high-end digital cinema cameras.

9x7 Camera features state-of-the-art back-side illuminated (BSI), APS-H sized sensor with true global shutter and capable of high frame rates (HFR) up to 70 fps at full resolution.

achtel 9x7 Giant Screen Digital Cinema Camera

9x7 Camera significantly exceeds Large Format 15 perf 70mm IMAX® film in all aspects of image quality, from sharpness, contrast and colour fidelity to noise and dynamic range. However, like IMAX® film 9x7 also offers immersive 4:3 aspect ratio.

The Devil is in the Detail

achtel 9x7 Giant Screen Digital Cinema Camera

The concept of the camera is quite simple: get the sensor data stream and dump it with as little processing as possible to the disk through a “big pipe”. All processing that usually is done on the camera is left to post process during conversion to CinemaDNG RAW file format that can be directly used in most NLE systems. The data throughput is quite an achievement: currently there is no interface that can carry this amount of data at nearly zero latency. The recording bandwidth is about twice as much as Thunderbolt 3 at full capacity. The processing bandwidth is even higher and exceeds 30 GBytes/s, all of which to preserve incredible image fidelity that 9x7 has been designed for.

achtel 9x7 Giant Screen Digital Cinema Camera

Think of it as a 'thick negative': the absence of compression, a compromise we’ve all come to expect and live with since the advent of digital cinematography, means that no details are lost, and gradations of colour and luminance are as smooth as technically possible.

9x7 Recording Module

9x7 Recording Module can reliably record data at up to 10GBytes/s preserving minute details of captured images with highest quality possible.

The camera runs very cool in stand-by mode but, because of its high performance and data rates, requires extreme cooling during operation, especially when shooting at maximum frame and data rates. It features (removable) cooler module that bolts under the brain. The cooler is only about 13mm thin and features two fans cooling the solid- state storage. This is in addition to twin fans actively cooling the main processing unit and another big fan on the back of the camera head: 5 fans in total!

Uncompressed RAW 65 Megapixel Image Quality

achtel 9x7 Giant Screen Digital Cinema Camera

By keeping every pixel at maximum, RAW quality all the way from its state-of-the-art BSI sensor to the camera uncompressed RAW recorder, the quality of the images is unmatched by any other camera.

This latest, Back-Side Illuminated sensor design features true Global Shutter readout, Wide Colour Gamut, high color accuracy, low noise, incredible light sensitivity and high frame-rates - all features essential for today’s best, big-screen movies.

Unlimited Lens Mount Options

9x7 Giant Screen Digital Cinema Camera

9x7 Digital Cinema Camera features exchangable, large aperture lens mount system. Available lens mounts include LPL, PL, Nikon F, Canon EF, Leica M as well as underwater Nikonos and Nikonos RS.

Small Size

9x7 Giant Screen Digital Cinema Camera

The camera head measures just 80mm x 80mm x 70mm and the recording unit is just 136 x 166 x 66mm, making it easy to mount on drones and inside underwater housings. Further facilitating such integration is open GPIO interface allowing remote operation of all functions of the camera.

Superior Colour Science

9x7 Giant Screen Digital Cinema Camera

A great deal of attention has been committed to colour accuracy and wide colour gamut. The colour fidelity is among the top 5 best large format cinema cameras on the market.

9x7 also offers a sophisticated features, such as custom and user-defined camera colour profiles and colour science, giving the cinematographer full control over colour fidelity, accuracy or artistic expression. For the first time the cinematographer can change the way the camera sees the colours giving the ultimate control of the final look.

Advanced On-screen Tools

9x7 Giant Screen Digital Cinema Camera

9x7 camera features many unique advanced tools which assist cinematographer in accurate exposure, focus, diagnostics and other information critical to achieving the highest Large Format image quality possible without a guesswork.

Giant Screen and VFX Workflows

Shooting natively in the 4:3 aspect ratio of the giant screen industry, unlike the cameras of most other potential competitors, it is no longer be necessary to compromise image quality, and significantly increase post-production costs, with ‘shot extensions’ or by stitching together multiple shots in order to create full-sized images of the necessary proportions.

9x7 Giant Screen Digital Cinema Camera

Sophisticated Windows and Linux post workflow allows familiar CinemaDNG format integration with ability to apply black shading and flat field correction as a post processing step, avoiding “backing-in” critical corrections in source footage.

9x7 Giant Screen Digital Cinema Camera

Advanced Features

9x7 camera features on-screen tools, such as 1:1 magnification with customizable region of interest, IMAX® and Giant Screen framing overlays, RAW histogram as well as numerous enhancements, such as template-based file format allowing flexible naming conventions including nearly all camera settings.

Nearly everything can be adjusted and configured using configuration file (JSON format), including inner-workings of the camera making it easy to fine-tune the performance without the need to upgrade the firmware.

In addition to logging and diagnostics, on-screen instrumentation is another innovation allowing advanced monitoring of camera's internal processing and health statistics in real time.

Technical Specifications




9.3K x 7K (65 Megapixels)

up to 18.6K delivery

Sensor Size






Native Aspect Ratio



Sensor Type

CMOS, Back Side Iluminated


Native ISO


3 stops headroom

Max Analogue Gain



Dynamic Range



native (at 65 MP)

14 stops

measured with ARRI DRTC


16 stops


Data Format

uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW

full colour science support

Camera Features



RAW histogram



Smart Traffic Lights



Framing Overlays

IMAX®, Grid, Crosshair, Full Dome

custom overlays support


Yes, all pipelines



Yes, all pipelines

Log file

Black Shading


1 second calibration

Flat Field Correction


1 second calibration

Focus Assist

Yes, Magnification

fully customisable

Focus Assist (recording)

Yes, Magnification

fully customisable

Crop Modes



Max Shutter Speed

1/50,000 s


Min Shutter Speed



Max Recording Data Rate

10GB/s (80Gb/s)


Internal Storage

4TB or 8TB


Recording Time at 30fps

45 min

with 8TB internal storage 

Max Framerate at 65 MP

70 fps


Supported frame rates

0 ~ 70 fps


MOCO (triggered)

0 ~ 70 fps

overlapped readout



TTL Level


Yes, Master and Slave


Remote operation


wired and wireless

Lens mounts available

LPL, PL, Nikon, Leica-M

RED Compatible

Recording Module





with cooling module



with cooling module

power consumption



power source

11 ~ 19V DC


Camera Module





without lens




power consumption



Power source

11 ~ 24V DC


Replacable OLPF



Max tether length




Yes (Linux and Windows)

full colour management

Technical Specifications are subject to change without notice

Sample Footage

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All footage is provided "as is". It is provided for the purpose of internal testing and evaluation only and may not be used for any other purpose, whether commercial or non-commercial. Achtel Pty Limited retains all copyright in the footage.

9x7 Sample Footage - Tigress

Uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW Clip 20200731T000920

Frame rate: 30 fps
Gain: 0dB
Shutter: 180°
Lens: Arri Signature Prime 125mm T1.8 at f/4.0
Lighting: bright morning sun, clear skies, shaded subject with sun-lit background
Filtering: Circular Polariser + 2-stop ND

Vimeo (4K):

9x7 Sample Footage

Uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW Clip 20201108T210144Z

St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney (filmed by permission)
Frame rate: 30 fps
Gain: 6dB
Lens: Entaniya HAL 220 LF PL f/2.8 at f/4
Lighting: Very Low Light

Vimeo (4K):

9x7 Sample Footage

Uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW Clip 20200513T031304

Frame rate: 60 fps
Gain: 0dB
Lens: Sigma ART 135mm T2.0 at T4.0
Lighting: Midday sun, clear Australian skies

9x7 Sample Footage

Uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW Clip 20200830T034224

Frame rate: 30 fps
Gain: 0dB
Lens: ARRI Signature Prime 125mm T1.8 at T5.6
Lighting: Midday sun, clear Australian skies

Vimeo (4K):

9x7 Sample Footage

Uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW Clip 20200720T083132

Frame rate: 30 fps
Gain: 0dB
ISO 800
Lens: Sigma ART 14mm T2.0 at T2.0
Lighting: Dark Night, No Moon

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