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Pawel Achtel wins 2014 Gold ACS Cinematography Award

Pawel Achtel wins 2014 Gold ACS Cinematography Award

15 November 2014 - Tasmanian inventor and filmmaker, Pawel Achtel won Gold Award ACS Cinematography Award at the 2014 Vic/Tas ACS Awards. This prestigious industry recognition was given to Mr. Achtel for the material filmed in 3D for an IMAX film Sea of Love to be released in 2017.
The material was filmed in Australia at the Coral Sea and the Great Barrier Reef last year during the annual mass coral spawning event.
The entire footage was shot with 3Deep - the first underwater system to resolve full 4K 3D images underwater. Achtelís 3Deep system circumvents the need for dome or flat-faced viewing windows, instead using specialised submersible lenses designed specifically for underwater use. This innovation eliminates much of the distortion, chromatic aberration, and lost resolution that is common with underwater rigs. As a result, for the first time ever, the images from his camera systems produce images truly sharp enough for the biggest cinema screens in the world.
A sample teaser was conformed, 3D aligned, colour matched and graded by Stuart Monksfield at Mojo Media Solutions in Sydney with SGO Mistika 3D editing system.

Sea of Love IMAX 3D - Highlights from the Coral Sea 2013 shoot from Pawel Achtel on Vimeo.

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