Underwater Cinematography

Valentine's Day 2018: Vanquish Weapon underwater housing for RED Weapon, Gemini, Helium, Monstro DSMC2 cameras

14 February 2019 - DeepX Valentine's Day Special Offer...[more]

2018 Silver Ron Taylor ACS Wildlife and Nature Cinematography Award

24 November 2018 - Pawel Achtel, ACS receives Silver Ron Taylor ACS Wildlife and Nature Cinematography Award at the 52nd annual Tasmanian and Victorian ACS Awards 2018.

Achtel Pty Limited Announces 8K x 6K Large Format Digital Cinema Camera

14 September 2018 - Achtel Pty Limited Announces 8K x 6K Large Format Digital Cinema Camera
Achtel Pty Limited announces the industry's first 8K, 48 Megapixel, 4:3 aspect ratio, large format digital cinema camera system. The system is specifically designed for IMAX® and Giant Screen Cinema productions striving to achieve the highest image quality and immersive experience.

Valentine's Day 2018: Vanquish Weapon underwater housing for RED Weapon and DSMC2 cameras

14 February 2018 - Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate your love. Celebrate this special day with a 15% discount on the new Vanquish system and a range of lenses and optics to add to your collection.
Our offer closes on 28 February 2018.

2017 Ron Taylor ACS Wildlife and Nature Cinematography Award

25 November 2017 - The 51st annual Tasmanian and Victorian ACS Awards 2017 were an amazing experience...[more]

Vanquish Weapon underwater housing for RED Weapon and DSMC2 cameras

1 November 2017 - Achtel announces Vanquish Weapon - an entirely new housing line for RED Weapon and DSMC2 cameras...[more]

ACS Accreditation

14 October 2017 - Pawel Achtel receives Australian Cinematography Society Accreditation - ACS Accreditation is considered the highest honour that is bestowed on an ACS member.

Valentine's Day Special

14 February 2017 - DeepX Valentine's Day Special Offer...[more]

SONY 4K Bravia Shoot

July 2016 - DeepX used for 2016-2017 Sony 4K Bravia Commercial...[more]

2016 ACS Gold Tripod Cinematography Award

30 April 2016 - Pawel Achtel wins Gold Tripod Award ACS Cinematography at the 2016 ACS National Awards in Adelaide...[more]

GBR 2016 Show Reel

Our recent footage sample filmed in genuine 3D full 6k at 48fps using 3Deep underwater housing and TrueBlue filter. The footage was edited, 3D aligned and colour graded using SGO Mistika in 4K at 48fps...[watch]

ACS Cinematography Award

28 November 2015 - Pawel Achtel receives two Gold Awards ACS Cinematography at the 2015 Vic/Tas ACS Awards for "Sea of Love" Teaser and "Best of Palau" Short.

TrueBlue Colour Science Package

31 May 2015 - Mojo Media Solutions Announces Launch of Achtel’s TrueBlue Filter For RED Dragon® and RED Epic® Cameras...[more]

ACS - Bob Miller Award

2 May 2015 - Award-winning underwater film-maker Pawel Achtel received another accolade at the recent National Awards of the Australian Cinematographers’ Society in Hobart, winning the inaugural Bob Miller ACS Technical & Achievement Award in recognition of his ground-breaking 2D and 3D underwater camera systems...[more]

ACS Award of Distinction for Cinematography

2 May 2015 - Pawel Achtel receives ACS Award of Distinction for Cinematography for his 3D underwater work at the ACS National Awards Dinner held at MONA, Hobart.

TrueBlue Colour Science Package

April 2015 - Achtel Pty Limited announces TrueBlueTM Colour Science solution for RED Dragon® cameras. The technology dramatically improves contrast and dynamic range in blue channel. TrueBlueTM significantly reduces grey-magenta colour contamination of blue colours. Commercial availability will be announced shortly...[more]

DeepX 3D Underwater Housing

14 February 2015 - Achtel to launch new revolutionary 3D underwater camera system in LA...[more]

2014 ACS Gold Cinematography Award

15 November 2014 - Pawel Achtel wins Gold Award ACS Cinematography at the 2014 Vic/Tas ACS Awards...[more]

3D Creative Summit, London 2014

12-13 March 2014 - World's Sharpest Whales land near Waterloo Bridge...[more]

Colour Science Package

February 2014 - Achtel Pty Limited releases Colour Science Package for RED Epic cameras - a set of custom optical filters improving underwater visibility and dynamic range in blue channel, Significantly improves micro-contrast and MTF underwater, reduces red channel noise, significantly reduces grey-magenta colour cross-talk of the RED Epic sensor. The Colour Science Package is available for rental with our custom modified RED Epic cameras.

Filming in Palau

January 2014 - This month we went to Palau shooting for our Sea of Love 3D IMAX film. Highlights from the footage can be found on Flickr...[here]

Coral Sea 2013

November - December 2013 - Filming in Coral Sea and Torres Strait for Sea of Love 3D IMAX film has been successful and resulted in large amount of 3D 5k footage. One of the highlights of the expedition was filming extremely rare and spectacular Porites coral spawning...[more]

ACS Cinematography Award

23 November 2013 - Pawel Achtel wins Silver ACS Cinematography Award for Sea of Love 3D IMAX film teaser...[more]

ODEX 2013

7 - 8 September 2013 - Pawel Achtel will be presenting at this year's International Underwater Imaging Symposium at ODEX in Sydney. The sessions are:

1. Underwater Optics - on 7 September 4:00 pm
2. The most innovative underwater housing - on 8 September 10:45 am

Humpback Whales filmed in 3D and true 5k

16 August 2013 - World's Sharpest Whales...[more]

Catalyst: ABC TV

4 July 2013 - Mark Horstman meets cinematographer Pawel Achtel, who has combined lens technology with an innovative titanium housing to bring ultra high definition underwater images to the big screen...[more]

Ron Johanson National President ACS

18 April 2013 - Ron Johanson ACS, National President of Australian Cinematographers Society Letter to Pawel Achtel ...[more]

Premier of Tasmania, Lara Giddings

11 April 2013 - Premier of Tasmania, Lara Giddings congratulates ...[more]

15 April 2013 - Labor Senator for Tasmania, Lisa Singh congratulates ...[more]

StudioDaily Prime Awards Winner

10 April 2013 - The most innovative product at NAB 2013 was not Canon EOS C300 (finalist) or Canon EOS C500 (also finalist), it was not Blackmagic Cinema Camera (finalist), it was also not Sony NEX-FS700 (another finalist) ...it was: DeepXTM and 3Deep®! ...[more]

StudioDaily Announces Prime Awards Finalists

22 March 2013 - DeepX and 3Deep nominated as finalists, best innovations in film production, NAB, Las Vegas ...[more]

Deep Coral Reefs in 3D

15-16 March 2013 - Pawel Achtel films deep coral reefs in 3D...[more]

AIDC 2013

January 2013: Pawel Achtel's Grace under Pressure blue-chip natural history feature film selected at AIDC 2013.

Australian Cinematographers Society

November 2012: Pawel Achtel conducts workshop for ACS members

3Deep - 3D underwater housing for RED Epic

13 August 2012: Achtel Pty Limited releases 3Deep - 3D Underwater Housing for RED Epic...[more]

Australian Cinematographer Magazine

June 2012: DeepX underwater housing featured in June issue of Australian Cinematographer magazine...

Bob Cranston

21 June 2012: World-renowned American cinematographer, Bob Cranston,gives Aussie invention the thumbs up

3Deep - S3D stereoscopic underwater housing

June 2012: Achtel Pty Limited shows the first 3D underwater housing able to record undistorted and sharp images in 3D. What is unique about our "3Deep" (3D) and "DeepX" (2D) housings is that, we believe for the first time, we can now avoid any of the usual degradation of images from shooting through flat or dome ports. In our tests, these systems typically degrade the image to less than standard definition in the corners. The Nikonos lenses we're using were, of course, specifically designed for underwater use and they actually out-resolve the 5k RED Epic sensor across the entire frame: even the edges of our images are now pin-sharp.

Band Pro

3 June 2012: Band Pro - Film and Digital Inc. Burbank and Munich re-sell DeepX and 3Deep underwater housings for RED Epic cameras in US and Europe.


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